A Mistaken Marriage Match: The Pirate’s Daughter

Gu Yun Meets Her Future Son-in-law

Chapter 116-121 (Rough Summary)
Hey guys, so after reading book 1, 2, and the epilogues of 3 of the Mistaken Marriage Match series, I decided to read book 4 using Google translations. [IT WAS PAINFUL] So I skipped all the way to the end, just because I’m a spoiler junkie, and found some scenes that was understandable to me and SUPER funny! Look out! We’ve got Su Ling and Gu Yun in this post! How can it already be 16 yrs when I’m still the same age! wuhuu, I want to grow old with them and their adventures. LOL. Just to clarify, I am only picking certain things from these chapters to translate but the main idea is set on Gu Yun meeting the Su’s Future Son-in-law AND I will NOT translate anything else other than this post. (Unless I go crazy, but don’t get your hopes up) ENJOY!
My pick for characters: Zhu Yi Long as Mo Yuan & Ma Si Chu/Sandra Ma as Su Su (Will discuss more about them at the end)

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